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American Lung Association Lung HelpLine

The ALA Center is staffed by registered nurses and registered respiratory therapists with experience in the healthcare industry. Areas of expertise include education, smoking cessation, respiratory therapy, lung disease, nursing, physician referral, respiratory home care, neonatal, pediatric and adult intensive care, Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, medication counseling, patient advocacy, healthcare insurance and nursing case management.

Valley Fever Americas Foundation

The Valley Fever Americas Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt foundation founded and operated by active Rotarians with a purpose of raising sufficient contributions to fund the research, development and clinical testing of a vaccine to prevent the devastating, sometimes fatal disease valley fever.

Valley Fever Connections

Valley Fever Connections provides a bridge for individuals and medical professionals. Presenting original sources of information for you to research and qualify. We provide information from each source of its origin, to empower you in making your decisions.

Valley Fever Survivor

Valley Fever Survivor® was created in 2002 to educate people everywhere about the potentially debilitating consequences of Valley Fever. Founded by the authors of Valley Fever Epidemic, the first and only known informational Valley Fever book designed for general audiences, the website uses up-to-date medical research to improve awareness of this disease.

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Valley Fever Americas Foundation (VFAF)

Valley Fever Advocate

Valley Fever Center for Excellence

Valley Fever Survivor

Valley Fever Survivor Support Group

Valley Fever Support Group

Cocci Awareness / Valley Fever Spread the Word