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Valley Fever - A Scourge in the Dog World

January 22, 2013
About four weeks ago, I noticed Angel was coughing just a little, usually after he drank or ate.
For a week, he seemed fine. Then I noticed he was a bit lethargic. Now that’s saying something for a greyhound, since he sleeps most of the day away anyway. Then I noticed he had lost weight. Then the shaking started. While he was shaking I was petting him to soothe him, and I noticed he was as hot as a furnace. Then he stopped eating. This all happened within 24 hours.
The next day, when went into the vet he didn’t even hang his head out the window when I had it open. He was not the least bit interested in anything but lying down.

They kept the office open late for me because I was working until 5, saying, “if you are concerned enough to call us, you should probably bring him in, especially with the holiday coming up.” They all noticed something was wrong the minute we walked through the door. After the exam we had X-rays and blood work done. I rapidly learned The Boy is a bit of a pansy when it comes to needles. Yes, there were greyhound screams of death involved.

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