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Cocci Can Kill – No Cure For Frightening Fungal Infection

July 6, 2013

A mysterious and dangerous lung infection with no known cure is quietly infecting thousands of men, women and children in America. The quiet killer destroys brain cells, causes strokes, seizures, painful stomach ulcers and horrific skin lesions. Doctors have no idea how wide spread the disease is: many cases go unreported or receive a wrong diagnosis. The statistics, as reported, are scary enough.

The American Lung Association defines cocci, also known as “Valley Fever”, stating, “Coccidioidomycosis (cocci) is an infection of the lungs caused by inhaling spores of the fungus Coccidioides immitis. This fungus is present in the soil of the southwestern United States including California as well as parts of Central and South America.”


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Photo courtesy of Liberty Voice.