09/07/2012 reports on the spike in cases of valley fever in 2012.


The Tracy Press reports that the highest levels of valley fever in the San Joaquin Valley are found in Tracy.


A Yahoo! Voices contributor shares her personal experience with valley fever.

01/07/2002 provides treatment suggestions for valley fever.


The New York Times covers the emergence of deadly fungi in light of the 1994 Northridge earthquake.


The New York Times reports on research into the reproductive habits of Coccidioides immitis, the valley fever fungus.


The New York Times covers valley fever cases following the Northridge earthquake.


The New York Times covers valley fever in light of the 1977 dust storm in the San Joaquin Valley.


A freak windstorm over the southern end of California's San Joaquin Valley two years ago has been implicated in an unusual sharp increase in cases of the fungus disease coccidiodomycosis last year as far as 400 miles farther north. New cases appeared in areas where the illness has been...


BERKELEY, Calif., Nov. 10 When a group of 103 archeology students from Queens College in New York dug in Indian mounds in Northern California last summer, they expected to come up only with relics and a better understanding of the Maidu...