Stephen Albert Johnston, Krupa Navalkar and their colleagues at Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute have been investigating valley fever. Navalkar is the lead author of a new study describing a promising strategy known as immunosignaturing, which can provide clinicians with an...


Arizona State University Graduate student Krupa Navalkar discusses her research that aims to advance valley fever detection. Navalkar says valley fever can hard to diagnose because its symptoms can be hard to distinguish from pneumonia or influenza.


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Shannon Smotherman wants to share her experience with valley fever, raising awareness of the serious disease.


Tuesday on "First Look with Scott Cox," Paula Einstein and Sharon Borradori of the Valley Fever Americas Foundation talked about August's Walk for Valley Fever.


Researchers at UC Merced and UCSF-Fresno recently completed a literature review on Valley Fever, scheduled to be published later this month in the scientific journal “Microbes and Infection.”


KVIE reports on Valley Fever, a fungal disease that is is not always taken seriously in its early stages -- and can be easily misdiagnosed. 40 percent of people who come down with symptoms are able to keep the fungus in check in their lungs, but for others, the fungus spreads. According to the...


PHOENIX -- Now that the dust has settled, it's stirring up new health concerns.

Hundreds of people gathering for a family-friendly fireworks show on July 3 in Ahwatukee may have exposed themselves to more than a little holiday fun when a massive dust storm rolled through.


Jabari, a western lowland gorilla living at the Los Angeles Zoo, is on the mend after receiving treatment for a severe case of valley fever.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has decided to include the fungus that causes valley fever on a list of qualifying pathogens mandated by the GAIN Act.


Researchers say dust and wind aren't all there is to Valley Fever, and just because we're having windy, dusty days doesn't mean we'll see a spike in cases.