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Anita Sil

Anita Sil
Professional Title: 
Professor and Howard Hughes Investigator, University of California San Francisco
(415) 502-1805
Dr. Anita Sil is studying the basic biology and virulence of thermally dimorphic fungi, including Coccidioides species and Histoplasma capsulatum. She is the lead PI on a collaborative project involving UCSF, UC Merced, UC Berkeley, UC Davis and UC San Diego to study Coccidioides biology. Dr. Sil specializes in environmental signals and fungal genes that promote the transition between the soil and host forms of thermally dimorphic fungi, and is applying genetic and genomic analyses to Coccidioides. Dr. Sil is also the co-director of the Microbial Pathogenesis and Host Defense program at UCSF.