PHOENIX -- This week's rains appear to be causing problems for allergy sufferers. And when it's not the rain, the dust storms could be dredging up the fungus that creates valley fever.


A lawsuit was filed in federal court in Sacramento on July 14 against the state of California on behalf of 58 current and former inmates who contracted Valley fever while serving time in one of the state’s Central Valley prisons.


Researchers at UC Merced are moving forward with two research projects that aim to better understand Valley fever in the San Joaquin Valley.


Saturday's event, held at the Kern County Museum'sPioneer Village, drew an estimated 200 walkers, many in teams. All proceeds were slated to go to the Valley Fever Americas Foundation to support research toward a vaccine, as well as a renewed focus on development of Nikkomycin Z.


Valley fever has been around for more than 100 years, and disproportionately affects poor farmworkers. For some, it becomes a lifelong illness, and doctors don't know why.


By Madeleine Thomas, The Atlantic

Barragan’s extensive exposure to the soil as a farmworker puts him at a higher risk of developing valley fever, but Ramos says they had never heard of the disease before.


Less than a week before Bakersfield's third annual Walk for Valley Fever on Aug. 9 and nearly a year after the symposium, how much has actually changed?


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